Stock Music

Largest Stock Music Library in Kansas City

Here’s how it works:

  1. You tell Deana what kind of stock music you’re looking for… send her a YouTube, an mp3, or better yet, just describe how you envision the music – upbeat or relaxed, hopeful or melancholy, sparse and poignant, jangley guitars…  you get the picture.
  2. Deana sends you several options to listen to, and share with your team.
  3. From there you refine the search.  For example you could like the third track, but wish it was slower.  Or, ask her to send you more options like that fifth track.  Or, go an entirely new direction.
  4. This process can give you way more choices.   Plus, Deana’s really good at finding stock music  – she’s got the Emmy to prove it.

Why buy library music from Wheeler when it’s way cheaper elsewhere on the web?

  1. Choices – we have over 300,000 music tracks, tons of depth in choices of genre and mood.
  2. The composers get a better deal  – unlike cheaper alternatives, our libraries can afford to take care of their composers.  To us, this is not about the well-being of composers, as much as the quality of music from an artist who’s just not willing to give his/her work away for little or nothing.
  3. We do the searching, sending you the results, saving you time.
  4. Our libraries have on-staff search specialists who help us locate a ‘hard-to-find’ tune for you.
  5. We have a multi-terabyte server with drives provided by the libraries themselves – so we’ll probably have the track on-site as a Hi-Res wav file.
  6. Oh, and we can search all those library hard drives during your recording session for more choices, using SoundMiner’s search engine, installed in both of our suites.

Wheeler Audio’s Music Libraries:

Hard Drives onsite, provided by FirstCom, Killer Tracks, OmniMusic, MegaTrax