Corey Trentham

Meet Corey Trentham, Wheeler Audio Sound Designer of Kansas City

corey, wheeler audio studio of kansas cityIn May 2005 I joined the staff here at Wheeler after graduating from Full Sail in 2001 with a degree in Recording Engineering. Since that time I have had many different ‘titles’ from Engineer to IT/Network Director and the bringer of client lunches. Today, I freelance engineer exclusively with Wheeler Audio and am also their primary contact for the office’s IT needs. Any time ‘The Master’ is booked and a client needs that same time I will often be the man on the job and as of recent years I exclusively handle any ADR sessions that come through the studio which I am pleased to say have become more numerous. Through the years I’ve done audio record/mix/sound design for radio/TV spots, non-broadcast pieces, movie trailers, full-length feature film, etc. for clients both large and boutique.

Since early 2009 when I am not behind a mixing board at Wheeler I exist in my other life as a self-employed IT consultant for my company ‘Core IT Systems’ where I serve between 20-30 clients around the KC metro area. I am also an avid gamer when I can ever find the time and have an eclectic range of music that I try to listen to as often as possible. In the end I’m just a tech junkie that likes to tinker with and fix things. In other interests I recently started taking fencing classes and am planning to get back into the piano someday after a more than 20 year hiatus.