Recording Studio Services for Kansas City


Wheeler Audio was founded in Kansas City as a state-of-the-art mastering and recording studio. Three decades later, we still bring the very latest technology to bear on your sound needs.

Get to know Wheeler Audio’s services by looking through the menu below. If you have any questions about our recording services, give us a call at 816 221 9200

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Sound Design

Creating soundscapes and environments, placing actors and voice talent inside of these spaces, triggering the imagination to create its own images (radio movies – who needs TV?), or just reading the copy.

  • Voice Over record and edit.
  • Sound Design for radio, tv, film, web, corporate pieces
  • Over 130,000 sound effects, searchable through SoundMiner

Library Music

FirstCom, Killer Tracks, OmniMusic, MegaTrax

These are the stock music libraries we work with.

Why buy library music from Wheeler when it’s way cheaper elsewhere on the web?

  1. Choices – we have over 340,000 music tracks, tons of depth in choices of genre and mood.
  2. The composers get a better deal  – unlike cheaper alternatives, our libraries can afford to take care of their composers.  To us, this is not about the well-being of composers, as much as the quality of music from an artist who’s just not willing to give his/her work away for little or nothing.
  3. Deana will research your music preferences, sending you 10 or so mp3 links to listen to.  If you hear a track that’s “close but no cigar” then send her back with a refined set of specs.  This process can give you way more choices.  Plus, she’s really good at finding stock music – she’s got the Emmy to prove it.
  4. Our libraries have on-staff search specialists who help us locate a ‘hard-to-find’ tune for you.
  5. We have a multi-terabyte server here with drives provided by the libraries themselves – so we’ll probably have the track on-site as a Hi-Res wav file.
  6. Oh, and we can search all those drives during your session for more choices, using SoundMiner’s search engine, installed in both of our suites.

Original Music

Fashioning bass, drums, guitars, keys and vocals into music with impact – punch. Mixing is our specialty — your music can make more of an impression.

That’s what we bring.

  • Recording, over-dubbing and mixing.
  • Avid’s latest software:  ProTools.
  • Avid’s latest hardware
  • Extensive collection of ProTools plugins.
  • Mics: An assortment of large capsule condenser mics as well as small cap ‘pencil’ condensers and dynamics.

ISDN Recording / Source-Connect

Geography is NOT what it used to be!

We connect you with recording studios and actors around the country and the world.

It just means that we can record anybody worldwide.   Real high quality.   Right Now.

    • Source-Connect


Can’t make it to the session? Not a problem!

  • Skype into the session to participate, direct, watch any video in sync with the sound design or VO
  • Phone Patch into the session and options to support multiple callers with Teleconferencing as well.

Surround Sound Mixing

  • For DVD, broadcast or theatrical release.
    • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround mixing and encoding.
      • Deliverables:  6 surround, 2 stereo files
      • or, for video disc release, a Dolby Digital ac3 file is created
  • A THX-certified 5.1 Surround monitoring system, Dolby Digital Surround