About Wheeler Audio of Kansas City

microphoneWe are a post production recording studio in Kansas City that specializes in innovative sound design. Seasoned with three decades of experience, we’re mainly known for our radio, TV/web commercial work. But we also create audio for multimedia, industrial or film projects, sound-design for trade-shows and pre-recorded live event tracks. We mix jazz (rock & pop) ensembles, license stock music and do ADR (automated dialog replacement or looping) for Hollywood studios.

At Wheeler Audio, we believe the key to outstanding audio is having solid lines of communication between all parties involved: producers, writer / art directors, account service, engineer and coordination. We see your project through from start to finish and make sure the end result is exactly what you had envisioned and on budget.

Our state-of-the-art facility is tucked inside the thriving Crossroads Art District. Looking out our windows, we have seen Kansas City transform into a remarkable art Mecca, nurturing creativity of all kinds. Come over for a session with our engineers, check out our new art exhibit and flourish in our imaginative and playful environment. The fridge is always stocked with ice cold beer and soft drinks, and you’re sure to satisfy any cravings with a snack from our kitchen.

Meet the Team

Jim Wheeler – Sound Designer / Owner

Sound has been my passion for some time now, but never more strongly than today. Cool staff… cool digs… cool tools … life is good!


Deana Winter – Production Coordinator

Wearing multiple hats keeps the office running. If you are looking for a music search or just want to know what is going on in the studios – just ask!


Corey Trentham – Sound Designer

Through the years I’ve done audio record/mix/sound design for radio/TV spots, non-broadcast pieces, movie trailers, full-length feature film, etc.

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